Tuesday, August 26, 2008

root beer

Mother didn't get to choose the color of her 1971 Cadillac, and wasn't totally crazy about the period triple light green color scheme. She was more of a nautical gal at heart, those Bill Blass Blues suited her much better.

So when it was time for the new 1974, she took the helm. She chose a deep hue called Diplomat Blue matched with a white top and snow white leather trim. I went with her to pick it up at Superior Cadillac on Dort Highway. She wore a matching blue and white outfit to accentuate her purchase.

On the way home, we stopped for a celebratory root beer at the A & W hot dog stand in Grand Blanc, that still had car hop service in the 1970's. She pulled up in the majestic chariot, touched the power window button and began her order. Except that she had lowered the rear window by mistake. She turned beet red. To my adolescent brain, it was hilarious. For decades to come, I could make her laugh by putting down a rear window and saying. "I'd like a root beer, please".

I noticed on this visit home that the old hot dog stand has reopened. It's under a different name, but still serves hot dogs and frosty cold mugs of root beer. It even has car hops on the weekends.

I piled my Dad and stepmother into the old 1975 Buick Electra, the one I left with Dad for safekeeping about ten years ago. We went down to for lunch yesterday. We dined on the picnic tables instead of inside the car but the experience was very much as I remember it.

I got back into the car first. I rolled down the left rear window and said "I'd like a root beer, please".


Doralong said...

And she was giggling right along with you sugar.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sure she is. Great story and memory. What a completely different time that was - dressing up to match your new Caddie....

Tater said...

That was a beautiful read. Thank you for sharing that memory.

Willym said...

That's such a great story Jeff - I love that you share those memories with us.

A and W - a whistle dog, a teen burger and a root beer float - heaven back in the 70s.