Tuesday, August 26, 2008

flint expatriates

Well, the Sunday Drive to the College and Cultural Center in my hometown of Flint has taken an interesting turn- received an email from another Flint native directing me to a cool blog called Flint Expatriates, full of pictures old and new, and more ephemera than you could shake an IMA Little League Bat at. So if you know who Slim Chiply is, and can recite the Weather Ball poem, you'll be in like Flint.

The site is written by Bay Area Journalist Gordon Young, and is chock full of memories for the ex-pats such as myself, but also the very interesting story of a rust belt industrial town in the post-industrialist era and its struggle for not only survival, but for identity.

And in the meantime, check out this great 1964 photo of Gordon and his siblings along with their proud grandparents and a brand new 1964 Electra in front of the Flint Institute of Arts. I showed you the building on Sunday in its modified state, here it is pristine original:

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