Sunday, August 31, 2008

sunday drive: buick heritage center

The last dispatch from my hometown of Flint, Michigan.

Located at the edge of the College and Cultural Center which we visited last week,
The Buick Heritage Center is the last vestige of the Buick Motor Division in the town that saw her grow and prosper. It's the ephemera closet- the Show Cars, the plaques, the scale models, and thankfully much historical documentation. All has been left behind in Flint.

Along with her heart.

Ladies and Gentlemen, revisit the glory that was "The Buick" at the Heritae Center:


Elizabeth said...

I read in the paper that Flint, along with Youngstown, OH, and some other rustbelt town, are the most depressed towns in the US. Touching to see these artifacts of its glory. It must be so sad for you now.

Doralong said...

I'm glad they preserved all that history- but it is sort of sad.