Tuesday, September 9, 2008

caribou barbie

From the good natured folks at collegeotr.com, finally some Sarah Palin news we can rejoice in. Here's the Caribou Barbie doll, complete with M-16, Lady Yamaha snowmobile, sexy glasses, briefcase containing her one speech (and Karl Rove's brain), and a dead caribou.

Optional play sets are expected to include:

Bridge to Nowhere Play Set- She can take turns being for it and against it. The bridge set comes complete with four hundred million dollars of play money, and two unpopulated pieces of land to link together.

Hockey Arena Play Set- Impress your friends and burden your hometown with at least fifteen million dollars of debt. Kit includes arena, hockey mom parka and lipstick, and undeeded tract of land to build on. Caution: Will cause expensive and protracted lawsuits.

Other fun play sets include the Bookburning Set and the Bill-To-Victim Rape Kit.

Watch out for it soon!

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Doralong said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry..