Thursday, September 4, 2008

sarah and me

Some of my loyal readers have gotten the impression that I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin. Wow, you guys are good.

I want to be clear though about my reasons. I do not oppose her because she's a woman. I look forward to the day a qualified woman runs for president. I was certainly hoping it would be this year. I just don't support this woman.

Even though John Mc Lame obviously believes that any woman will do, I do not. And lovely Sarah, with her lies, flip flops, wrongdoing investigation, and almost unbelievable lack of experience, even to the point of admitting on tape that she doesn't really know what the vice-president does, is not a person that I want to be next in line for the missile codes.

And then there's the right wing thing. This candidate is even to the right of James Dobson. She's an extreme 3-G Republican: Guns, God, and Gynecology. An "Every Sperm is Sacred" model. I don't intend to give her a Supreme Court.

Sarah Barracuda described herself as a pitbull with lipstick, and although I do think some pitbulls have redeeming qualities, on that point she told the truth. Bullying her seventeen year old daughter into a hasty marriage because of an unplanned pregnancy is more than an expose of the failed Republican Abstinence program- its a predictor of how she will bully us all to fit HER values.

thanks but no thanks for this candidate to nowhere


Miss Janey said...

She was a shockingly poor choice.

Al said...

"And then there's the right wing thing."

Though I agree with you on all fronts, that's the money quote for me.

I see no difference here between gay men who are in the Log Cabin club, and women. Both groups know, or should, that the R party clearly has no time or place for them.

Except maybe as the classic fag in an emasculating pinch line, or the little woman, if of course she's barefoot and pregnant.