Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunday drive: number please

Here is the latest in my Sunday Drive series, although I shot the pictures entirely on foot and it was technically on a Wednesday. But my devoted readers expect a Sunday drive and so I will not disappoint. Just think of it as a VERY short drive.

Things have been going well in the new showroom. I fit in well and have proven to be quite handy to have around. The most unexpected part of all this is the change in my daily commute. A year ago, I was driving forty-four miles per day. After my move in December, I cut that down to three and a half miles. But now, it's a two block walk to the new job. Two blocks. For the first time in my adult life, I walk to work. I walk home for lunch. For after work errands, I walk home and get the car.

Last week, I drove the car a total of twenty-one miles including a trip to West Hollywood for dinner. I think I used it three times. It's getting a layer of dust under the carport, but otherwise seems quite snug and content.

You all know how much I like signage- so for today's walk I'm focusing on the house numbers I stroll by each day, along with a couple of irresistible details. By their font and style you can easily decode the character of my neighborhood- the forties Garden Apartments, the fifties Cinderella Ranch houses, the ultra modern sixties apartments with their balconies, the dark wood trimmed Mork and Mindy buildings of the seventies and the modern condos. You know, the ones that look like a 90's interpretation of a 20's interpretaion of a Spanish Mission. They're all here, and all represented for your enjoyment- the Architectural Sampler Platter in which I live.

Ladies and gentlemen, join me on my morning commute:

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joe said...

Love these - absolutely love them. These are exactly the kinds of details I take note of when I'm walking in neighborhoods (or often, on the bus). These are quintessentially Southern California somehow; I know that most house numbers in the Northeast wouldn't look like most of these. You've inspired me, actually...