Tuesday, September 23, 2008

out of the blue

That handsome fella over at Bluealto has taggged me with a meme, 25 Things Every Gentlemen should know. It's actually kind of a fun pop quiz, and eliminates the need for actual writing today. So here it is. Might even give you some actual insight if you care to delve that far. Affirmative answers are in bold. Here we go:

Change a flat tire. Dad was a car collector and I spent many a summer vacaction on a week long Classic Car Caravan. As a result, there is very little I haven't done with cars, including extinguising a burning 1938 Buick on the side of I-94 in downtown Milwaukee, and repairing an overheating 1929 Cadillac with a vegetable brush and duct tape. Third-generation gearhead.

Carve a turkey. Dad's job and I haven't usurped it.

Tie a bow tie. Yes.

Have a tailor who knows your measurements. Yes, but he doesn't speak a word of english. It's LA, after all

Open a bottle of champagne. Yes, with barely a whisper.

Change the car oil. See #1.

Can recommend a good barber. Definately. In the past I have introduced boyfriends to my own barber, all but one of them still go to him.

Tie a bowline, clove hitch, and a square knot. Bowline, yes.

Chop wood. Summer vacations in Northern Michigan.

Shoot a rifle. No. Pistol range yes, rifle no.

Make a dry Martini. Hand crushed ice, metallic shaker, vermouth from an atomizer, and devastatingly chilled. Two olives.

Keep a checkbook balanced. e-banking. What's a checkbook?

BBQ. Raised in the suburbs, Grilled hog parts are my birthright.

Lay a fire. Michigan winters.

Change a fuse. See #1.

Polish shoes. Yes, but dont do it often enough

Read and understand stock quotes. BA in Business, minor in economics. So how did I end up here?

Keep score at a baseball game. Kept statistics for a gay softball team circa 1989. I only did it for the locker room access.

Jump start a car. In my sleep if needed. Even 6 volt to 12.

Know how to throw a punch. Havent needed to thus far.

Own a tux. Two. My favroite is blue sharkskin from 1958. Purchased new by my father. Possibly my favorite garment ever.

Know how to judge a new wine. Not as I should.

Do your own taxes at least once in your life. Dad is a CPA. I was doing taxes for Subchapter S corporations in college. But my own I do not.

Know how to play poker. Canasta yes. Poker, no.

Carry a handkerchief. In which pocket?


Miss Janey said...

Being able to work on cars is something Miss Janey has always found very sexy in a man.

Doralong said...

You are truly a man for all seasons dear heart..

TankMontreal said...

I can change a fuse. End of meme.