Wednesday, September 24, 2008

long distance dedication

For someone very special and his friends commemorating an important milestone, a fresh take by Jason Mraz on one of my all time favorites.

May the richness of love and the intricate texture of memory keep you warm today and always.

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Al said...

So I suppose it's overkill, or perhaps redundant to say that is one of my favorites as well. I'm sure you're so not shocked.

Besides the commonality, it was a perfect choice, and at this very late night, or, depending on perspective, obscenely early morning, it was the perfect choice to hit a tone I hoped to be referencing today.

As strange as it sounds given the distance, your consistent support during the whole build up and execution of this event has completely changed the way it has been experienced. Thanks so much.

Now get over here and give me a hug!