Thursday, October 9, 2008

father geoff farrow

He really is a good friend and a wonderful man, full of love and humility and courage. I'm not religious, but the guy walks with grace.

I helped him get his word out as best I can to all of you fine folks, and tuesday we set him up a blog site. I helped with the basics, but now he has the tools and the passwords, and the words that flow are all his. Please follow along with him as his walk of faith takes him places heretofore unseen.

Father Geoff Farrow

And please, help defeat Prop 8. It's not about defending marriage. If it were, they would encourage marriage and discourage divorce. It's about stepping on the little faggots and taking back their civil rights. I for one will not go back to second class citizenship without a fight. I'm not borarding Sarah Palin's bus to Restorative Therapy camp while I can still stand. So please help. If you can donate money, please do. If you can't, please pass the word. It's the most important civil rights struggle of our epoch, and a loss here will encourage the oppressors to crush their way across the country.

No On Eight.

Help if you can. Please.

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Johnette said...

I as a former Catholic am totally behind you. Happy to see that you are willing to stand up for the rights of so many. If I can help please email me.