Sunday, October 26, 2008

jesus had it right

Has it only been three weeks since I got involved with the task of helping Father Geoff spread his message into the blogosphere? Wow. 10,000 hits later here I am, demonized in some parts of Kansas and energized by Father Geoff and the amazing, loving, affirming people I have encountered. There are some wonderful voices out there to be heard.

I was happy to bump into the Rev. Susan Russell of All Saints Pasadena, a truly outstanding group of people. I attended services there a few years back when I lived in Studio City, and loved the All Saints Family.

Susan writes a blog called An Inch at a Time and has been a terrific friend and supporter to Father Geoff. She's a special lady.

I found this Sunday's sermon on her blog, in which (totally awesome) Father Ed Bacon speaks out against Proposition 8. In his words, if Jesus is right, his directive to love thy neighbor would compel any true Christian to oppose discrimination. Take a listen:

And please, if you can, donate here to help defeat the misguided souls who want to enshrine discrimination.

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Birdie said...

I want to thank you again for your role in sharing Father Geoff's story with the world. This is important, and you have given us a means to show others why this proposition must be defeated. I know you must be getting hateful messages right now. Stand tall, be proud that you have it right, too. You have made your voice heard and given voice to those whose silence has been forced upon them. Keep going, Jeff.