Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sotto voce

Hello, long term readers. Remember me?

I'm just taking a minute to explain that I'm still here, taking photos of old signage and revelling in quiet fall mornings when the leaves crunch as I walk to work. But my priorities have shifted for the time being.

As you have no doubt noticed, this little favor getting Father Geoff up and into the blogosphere has taken about every spare moment (My, you New York boys publish early) but I am in awe of him and his energy and 100% committed to help spread the word on Proposition 8.

So it will continue this way for a while yet. In the interim, be happy that his message has been featured on all the prominent LGBT blogs, plus the National Catholic Weekly and Dignity pages, he's been interviewed in the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, appeared on Telemundo and on Michelangelo Signorile's show on Sirius, and NPR affiliate KQED in San Francisco.

I loved the movie "Foul Play" in 1978, with Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn breaking a ring attempting to bring down the Catholic church in California. Recall the Albino, Turk, and the Dwarf as members of the Tax The Churches League?

Well, somehow I found myself in the movie, except the good guys and bad guys have switched hats. Does that make me the Dwarf? Maybe I'll go for the Rachel Roberts part instead. Of course, we're not trying to tax the Church. But it's more than a bit unsettling that the Church is now operating as a Political Action Committee and has taken direct aim at my civil rights. So I'm gonna keep plugging away at the evil empire pushing for Prop 8, and the tone here will be more politics and less of my own stories through the election. Hope you all stick with me.

Love to all, and No on Eight. Contribute if you can.

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