Monday, October 27, 2008

rising on the charts

Good news from the LA Times website this morning- Father Geoff's interview with Steve Lopez, which appeared in yesterday's edition, is the second most emailed story of the day.

Here's an excerpt...

Gay priest is true to his faith, at odds with his church

So who is this Catholic priest from Fresno who stood up and spoke out against Proposition 8, putting his career on the line? As a gay man who finds the church's views on homosexuality so objectionable, why has he been a priest for more than 20 years and subjected himself to such moral conflict?

After reading my colleague Duke Helfand's story about Father Geoffrey Farrow and his recent career-suicide from the pulpit, I was curious.

read the entire interview here

and don't forget to visit no on 8

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Miss Janey said...

One day, he'll be considered a martyr by the same church that has tossed him out.