Saturday, October 25, 2008

when I danced

I know you said you preferred I Touch Roses, but I couldn't find the video. And I've always been mesmerized by Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls. Of course, the pop single had the Tubular Bells mixed out, so I had to go with the club version. It's the one I remember hearing the most.

I've been thinking a of of my club days 20 years ago in Milwaukee. Saturday nights hanging out with my friends at La Cage, in pursuit of the homme du jour. Sometimes I knew in advance who I would be dancing with, sometimes not. Some of the memories are bittersweet at best, and I wonder how that could be so long ago.

But hey, it's the sultry sounds of Susan Ottaviano, sending me back to a time when Saturday nights were spent on the dance floor, with pretty boys and pretty girls.


Al said...

It's a good thing you didn't find "I Touch Roses" as I have been humming "Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls" since midnight last night. Ahm.

Some things are addictive I'm finding.

Jeff said...

And not just the song...