Thursday, October 23, 2008

road trip

Things are a bit intense. I'm becoming relatively obsessed with Proposition 8, which is not the least about marriage but simply a bid to write discrimination into the California constitution. Backed to a huge extent by the Mormons, a group who itself was pretty persecuted 100 years back. Wouldn't you think those fuckers would be a bit more compassionate?

But I really need a break. It would be perfect to take a road trip for the weekend, just 48 hours away. What better way than a cool motor home, specially decorated and staffed by Bill Uechi (bass), Eric Zamora (saxophone), José Castellaños (trumpet) Brian "T-Bone Willy" Williams (trombone), and drummer Marc Harismendy.

Throw in kicky vocalist Monique Powell, and you've got the third- wave ska-punk band "Save Ferris". Which is better than "Save Marriage". Much better.

So for my virtual escape, here's the 80's seen through the eyes of the 90's.

Come on, Eileen:


Miss Janey said...

Sadly, its usually those who were oppressed that soon become oppressors. Especially the organized religion folks.

Al said...

That is a great song but you usually only hear it at a few specific events. One, an eighties retro night party where it's all good and everyone has fun. Or....

A wedding, and it is usually at that specific point in the event when the drunk straight boys attempt to do something other than swivel back and forth uncomfortably on the dance floor. The result is usually as painful as watching them sing this song!